Hello, we are so glad you are here! ♡

Vibrate Living is a website created by Rita, 57 and Jenny, 27. As mum and daughter, we share the passion for how to stay healthy through a plant-based diet and how to gain a strong body and a balanced mind.

Five years ago we became vegetarian after have read lots of articles about the negative impact meat have on our bodies. After a short period of time we noticed that something started to change in our bodies. We felt more awake, lighter, clearer. We became more fit, stronger and the flu couldn't bite us anymore. After gaining more and more knowledge in this area, we switched from one day to another and became vegans. Basically, that just meant cutting out dairy products and eggs. We stopped consuming processed foods, refined sugar and reduced our alcohol and gluten intake and began to crave fruits and veggies. This was when we first discovered a true understanding of how to feed and nourish our bodies and what it meant to eat real food, straight from Mother Earth. We have never before experience the extraordinary taste of true flavours and found a deep respect for this food, the animals and this planet. 

We truly believe that what we eat, drink, breath, think and feel all have adverse effects on our health. These are the things that will either make us sick and weak, or exceptional healthy. Through a plant-based lifestyle you are able to heal yourself from the inside out.

We hope this blog inspires you and maybe we can sow some seeds in your heart and mind to feel better, become stronger and happier. 

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